Maremel works in two main directions, driving from its focus on teaching digital empowerment and socio-technology awareness.  Through both the Maremel Institute and Maremel Media, we bring people together to understand how we can engage technology to improve how we live, work, and learn.

Maremel Institute

Through the Maremel Institute, we create three types of educational content through live events, educational media, and partnerships:

  • Industry Transformation
    • Since 2004, Maremel also has created transformative digital media education programs. Maremel has created programs for leaders and upcoming executives at media and education organizations around strategy and technology-enhanced organizational design.  Partners have included UCLA Anderson School of Management, UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music, University of Southern California’s Institute for Communications Technology Management, University of Navarra in Spain, and the Higher Colleges of Technology in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
    • Efforts also include new research and online content programs that are in pilot testing and development by the Institute.
  • Organizational Change Leadership Programs
    • Maremel launched custom organizational change programs in 2009, helping organizational leaders understand technology-driven design and change challenges.
  • Learning Programs for Individuals, Leaders, Teachers, Artists, Musicians, Adults, Kids, Parents
    • Maremel Institute has focused on community education programs for informal education about digital media empowerment and literacy.  It has expanded its efforts to include musicians, artists, video producers, teachers, older adults, families, and social organizations.

Maremel Media

Also since 2004, Maremel has produced music and video content for digital and cultural education, partnering with media and community organizations.  Through Maremel Media, we produce educational media and events for individual learning about how to live and learn better with changing technologies



Dr. Gigi L. Johnson
Executive Director
Media Strategist, Consultant, and Educator

Mike Salas
Early Childhood Learning and Music Educator and Advisor


Dr. Alea M. Fairchild
Executive Director, Constantia Institute
Technology, Organizations and Systems