Evolve Yourself.

We help companies in education, media, and music make big changes. 

We work with our clients to design and boost internal innovation and expansion into new areas (e.g., markets, products, and systems).  We also build training programs to help people engage in tech-driven change in their own work and lives.

Industry and Market Connections

We can build blockages — on purpose or by accident — in thinking about how to connect with what other organizations in this rapidly reconnecting digital world.  Often, growing companies bring us in to help them design marketing systems to find and connect with the right next clients in market spaces that they have recently entered.  We also work with larger, long-standing organizations to help them understand the changing technology-driven world around them for their own long-term planning and technology decisions.

Organizational Change

Change can run into blockages.  We work with leaders to replace the organizational myths and stories that keep them from having change flow naturally within diverse organizations.  Leaders contract with us to run custom workshops on ways to think about technology and how we work.  We also contract to work with leaders to research what is happening within organizations and design change elements to get teams to think differently about how to move projects and innovations forward within the organization.  Often, we work with non-profit organizations in education or media in thinking through these issues.

Personal Innovation

With our sister company, Maremel Media, we produce events, workshops, and online tools to help you understand technology-connected opportunities for your work and life.

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