Career Adventure Guide

Career Models Reflection

Think of your favorite TV shows growing up.  Did you ever wonder what the characters do for a living and how they afforded their home and lifestyle? Or did part of their work make you interested in that version of what they did?

What do the friends of your family and your friends’ families do for a living?

Write your thoughts on how you know how to create a career and what you already know.  Where do you get everyday career information? 


Here are a few more questions:

  • How do you think the process works to create a career and find your next few jobs?
  • What are the models that you look toward?
  • What are the support systems that you have? How do they tell you that this works?
  • What have you learned in school, formally or informally, about how your career will work?
  • Do you have enough information?
  • Who has the real information on how this all works? Does anyone? Are there different models?