Career Adventure Guide

Journeys to Now

Let’s start by looking at your story to date, in some creative ways.

First, download and print three pages of worksheets. Next, get out some pens or pencils.  We like to use colored pens and pencils with some of these exercises, so if you have some, get those out too.  Then join us in the 3 exercises below.


#1 Your Past as a Timeline


 You can start the timeline anywhere (not just when you were born or started high school).  You can draw something linear, draw pictures, make arrows, or have parallel lines — all are your choice.


#2 Your Past as Pivots

On the second page, within 5-6 circles, take the major pivots of your life from the first page (or add new ones), and connect them with lines about how you got to today.


#3 Your Past as a Journey

On the third page, draw major elements (from the prior two or new ones) that may be on a “map” like a travel map or even like Lord of the Rings…what did you journey through to get here?  You can add creative elements if you like — do you need to add roads, forests, deserts, or villages? Boats?  Dragons?  Companions?