Career Adventure Guide

Your Target Work Environment

Further Exploration on Your Target “Work Environment”


There are other tools to dig into this deeper. We strongly suggest that you do one of the two assessments below to explore your preferred work environment in more detail.

There are LOTS of these, and two we have found both simple and reasonably priced:

  • eParachute (with $1 discount code): Link Here
  • SDS ($9.95; no discount yet, sorry): Link Here

There also are other types of assessments beyond the Holland Code. Here are a few we might suggest moving further into this exploration.

  • Optional Toolset: Roadtrip Nation online (Link here for a fun journey discussion in building your Roadmap)
  • Optional Toolset: Strengthfinder (Gallup Tool): Link here for information on the book, site, and access code
  • Optional Assessment: Sparketype assessment that Jonathan Fields offers for free at  It adds the framing of what sparks you and adds or removes energy from your work.


We get one question a lot:   

What is the “reality” of these tests?

There has been a fair amount of research by universities and other organizations on how the Holland Code works in the real world. Holland and other researchers have found that it isn’t a predictive model — it doesn’t show that a specific career is a long-term fit, especially as there are so many other moving parts. Research does show that the Holland Code process can be a good frame for you to look at work environment choices and to explore if you are looking at “congruence” or matching.

This way, you get a toolbox to measure things against and brainstorm around.