Career Adventure Guide

Connecting Roles to Skills

Connecting Future Roles and Jobs to Skills

From the various companies that you have explored in your skills pages and company research, find 5 jobs that would be possible experiences you would like to explore in 3-5 years. Save the web page for each in a bookmark on your computer, and optimally save them in a cloud storage space like Dropbox or Google Drive to find later. Read them carefully for the types of skills they require.

Next, open up the next exercise Excel Spreadsheet at this link. If you are a Google Sheets person, you can open this sheet and copy it to your computer.

1. From all 5 job descriptions, copy the main hard and soft skill requirements directly onto the spaces in the worksheet. You can summarize some of them, but for the most part, write the actual phrases down. You will see some repetition as you do this exercise.

2. Then pull the “keywords’ into the keyword box. What is a keyword? It might be the verbs involved (e.g., analyze). It may be a type of software or skill. Put all 5 jobs onto the sheet.

3. Now, take your resume, and with colored pens, mark the evidence of hard and soft skills on it. Does it seem different to look at it now that you have done the prior exercises in terms of Transferable Skills? What Transferable Skills could you now add to it? Add your existing transferable skills AND ones you now might add to the worksheet.

Yup, there’s a lot there.